Normalizing Extinction

every day, the struggle…

Kenn Orphan

IMG_1190A few years back I had the good fortune of visiting the rainforest in a remote part of Panama. I stayed in a small cabin at an ecolodge with the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea just steps away. There were no televisions, no internet access, and no phones or electricity, except in the main house. In back of the lodge was a trail that meandered through a dense forest brimming with tree frogs, sloths, iguanas, leaf cutter ants, and countless species of birds hopping from branch to branch. Just a couple feet into the water and I counted dozens of bright orange sea stars. And at night the sea shore came alive with biolumeniscent dinoflagellates, who would respond to my flashlight signals in short bursts of blue-green neon. The abundance of life in that tiny corner of the world crowded out most signals of modern civilization.

IMG_1195But, as with…

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