afro Guyanese will teach apnu afc a dear lesson

mark jacobs lives!

afro guyanese are responsible for attacking directly & indirectly
then bringing down the pnc govt [burnham & hoyte aka desmond persaud]
not cheddi jagan and his faux commie accolytes
the 1992 electoral victory by cheddar & co. was made possible after a long battle waged by afros against the pnc
cheddar waltzed in and collected the spoils
and it is this same grouping that will cost the current govt dearly if current trends hold and they decide to experiment with free & fair elections come 2020

disrespect, contempt & neglect are reoccurring themes

the negroe scramble to accumulate cash and toys is still a national sport
at levels of odious that only keep rising

jagdeo the current misleader of the straight hair negroe brigade awaits his third term as we meander & stumble closer to guyana race games 2020

every which way you turn it
it’s staring right back at…

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breakfast of champions

the mango only had a little bird bite on the bottom; i just cut around it.

the guava tree has some disease that’s turning the skin of the fruit brown, but the inside and taste is still good. i spraying with neem and have seen some improvement so am hopeful.

the pumpkin for the pone was harvested just before the yard flooded last month. the coconut also came from a tree in the backyard.

the cocoa for the hot chocolate is from Hosororo in the NorthWest, made by the Blue Flame Indigenous Women’s Group. i spiced it up with some dried tiger teeth pepper flakes.

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Making films in/about Guyana?

#SubmissionsOpen … we have opened our call for submissions for films made in and about Guyana. Check out the post for submission details.

2017 Timehri Film Festival Opens Call for Submissions

Press Contact:
Alysia S. Christiani

January 17, 2017: Submissions open
February 28, 2017: Early deadline
April 15, 2017: Official entry deadline
May 2, 2017: Notification Date

Complete information regarding eligibility, and rules and regulations for the 2017 Timehri Film Festival are available at  Questions regarding submissions may be directed to

To stay up to date with the Timehri Film Festival, and for information on the films being screened and the screening schedule, visit our Website, like TFF on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @TimehriFF, using the hashtag #TimehriFF17.

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Jan15,2017. Audre Lorde’s experience of black self-hatred in the Caribbean


audre1 Audre Lorde died in 1992 after losing her battle with cancer

Audre Lorde, a lesbian mother warrior poet feminist activist with caribbean roots, ventured to the Caribbean in 1990 for vacation. She was almost denied entry to one Caribbean island because of her hairstyle.

In her essay “Is your Hair Political?” Audre examines, through her lived experience, the scrutiny of black hair in the Caribbean. Although our situation is not as black and white as racism in the United States, there is still need for examining pre-colonial policies which police our bodies, and the guise (professionalism, neat, tidy) under which those policies are allowed to go unexamined. Institutional racism, once unexamined, not only fosters and justifies internalised hatred but it also fosters a hatred of self in others.


My first trip to Virgin Gorda earlier this year had been an enjoyable, relaxing time. After coping…

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uncharitable thoughts/ GT maths lesson

saw bout half dozen shabbily dressed old people clustering around the doorway of a popular GT restaurant yesterday. turns out they were there for their weekly handout from the big businessman. $40 each, every Friday. being generous and counting the whole 52 weeks, i calculate comes to a whopping $2080- ie $10.40USD. $10 fucking dollars per person per year. when you’re making millions annually in profit- not that i’ve seen your account books but this i KNOW because you/your family has had this business in this same location for decades. you own the building, don’t hafta pay rent. i’m sure you give in other ways- well at least i hope so. i know they also say that beggars mustn’t/can’t be choosers, but still, damn..

Pension is now $18,200GYD ($91 USD/mo) btw

Public assistance is now $7300 GYD/mo- that’s $36.60USD. This is supposed to be for people with disabilities, dependent children without parent(s)  etc.


so much more to say

the little boy with the bandaged eye  who i saw sitting on Regent St yesterday with a box asking for donations so he could have eye surgery to save his sight.

all the other people, including a friend of mine who was just diagnosed with breast cancer, who have to worry about if, where and when they’re going to get the money to pay for care and treatment…

meanwhile jagdeo, hammie n all the rest o dem rolling in d million$$- fuckers

this is Guyana 2017