Statistics and names of ethnic cleansing during the PPP’s reign – By Freddie Kissoon

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Statistics and names of ethnic cleansing during the PPP’s reign 


The talk coming out of the mouth of the Indian dominated PPP and its affiliate organizations, particularly the Indian Arrival Committee, now the Indian Action Committee, is that there is ethnic cleansing against East Indians by the APNU-AFC Government. The IAC has latched on to certain dismissals in the public sector.

This same IAC was on another planet when African Guyanese were supplanted in the same public sector and in scholarship awards. 

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The Ploy of Soy

Nourishing Our Children


Although widely promoted as a health food, hundreds of studies link modern processed soy to malnutrition, digestive problems, thyroid dysfunction, cognitive decline, reproductive disorders, immune system breakdown, and even heart disease and cancer. How could soy be linked to all this disease? Because the soybean contains many naturally occurring toxins. All legumes contain toxins but the problem with soy is that the toxins are found in very high levels and are resistant to the traditional ways of getting rid of them.

Long, slow fermentation, as in the traditional production of miso, tempeh and soy sauce, gets rid of the phytic acid and other digestive inhibitors but not the phytoestrogens in soy.

Myths About Isoflavones

One of the most common myths is that soy estrogens (isoflavones) are beneficial for your health. Isoflavones are the estrogen-like compounds occurring naturally in soy foods. They act as the plant’s natural pesticides, causing insects to…

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hugelkultur in lusignan

< The Many Benefits of Hugelkultur Inspiration Green and Permaculture magazine Thursday, 17th October 2013

Hugelkultur are no-dig raised beds with a difference. They hold moisture, build fertility, maximise surface volume and are great spaces for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. Hugelkultur, pronounced Hoo-gul-culture, means hill culture or hill mound. Instead of putting branches, leaves and grass clippings in bags by the curbside for the bin men… build a hugel bed. Simply mound logs, branches, leaves, grass clippings, straw, cardboard, petroleum-free newspaper, manure, compost or whatever other biomass you have available, top with soil and plant your veggies.>

hugelkultur- the beginning

hugelkultur- the beginning2

hugelkulture bed4

Diary of a mothering worker. August 11, 2016

common scenario in Guyana as well.. IPV is a problem regionally/worldwide, unfortunately


Post 233.

Though she sat with her head down, I could only think of her resilience. Now 31 years old, having survived fourteen years of battering by the father of her seven children, she seemed finally about to make a sure step away. Her neighbours, who have offered many moments of care, are unsung heroes of our nation, helping without public recognition, and it’s their strength that she is relying on to find hers.

The beatings started after her first son, as they do for so many women for whom having children puts them at greater risk of domestic violence. At first, women think it will stop. She said, she had ‘hope’. As their children increase, they become less able to leave, and to manage on their own. The rest of us may think that anything is better than a violent home, but that doesn’t help us to understand the…

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must read audre lorde every day

“How much of this truth can I bear to see and still live
How much of this pain can I use?”

“And I find I must remember that the pain is not its own reason for being. It is a part of living. And the only kind of pain that is intolerable is pain that is wasteful, pain from which we do not learn. And I think that we must learn to distinguish between the two.”

“One of the hardest things to accept is learning to live within uncertainty and neither deny it nor hide behind it. Most of all, to listen to the messages of uncertainty without allowing them to immobilize me, nor keep me from the certainties of those truths in which I believe. I turn away from any need to justify the future- to live in what has not yet been. Believing, working for what has not yet been while living fully in the present now.”

“I have found that battling despair does not mean closing my eyes to the enormity of the tasks of effecting change, nor ignoring the strength and the barbarity of the forces aligned against us. It means teaching, surviving and fighting with the most important resource I have, myself, and taking joy in that battle. It means, for me, recognizing the enemy outside, and the enemy within, and knowing that my work is part of a continuum of women’s work, of reclaiming this earth and our power, and knowing that this work did not begin with my birth nor will it end with my death. And it means knowing that within this continuum, my life and my love and my work has particular power and meaning relative to others.”

green olympics my bamzee- 500 year old forest cleared for 3-day event

To the International Olympic Committee :

We call on you to ensure that Mount Gariwang is protected and not clearcut to make way for an Olympic venue that will only be used for three days during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. We call on you to truly live up to your ideals of sustainability and environmental protection and save the Korean forest that has been protected for over 500 years. Old growth forests can not simply be replaced or restored, please investigate other options for the events.

please sign and share. then do more. in your communities, wherever they are.

1000MW coal-fired plant is a retrograde step, says JET

Petchary's Blog

I am posting below a press release from the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET), strongly opposing the construction of a 1000MW coal-fired power plant in Nain, St. Elizabeth. Such a large plant would cause untold harm in terms of pollution of the earth, sea and air – and consequently our own health. It would also greatly increase carbon emissions, in contradiction of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change that Jamaica recently signed. I will be writing more about this in subsequent blog posts. Let us stick with natural gas and renewables, as clearly stated in the Government’s Energy Policy. Coal is not the way to go! 

Coal-fired power plants are the most polluting form of energy generation. Such a large plant in a largely rural area would cause great harm to the health of residents in surrounding areas, and across the island. (Photo: Reuters) Coal-fired power plants are the most polluting form of energy generation. Such a large plant in a largely rural area would cause great harm to agriculture and to the health of residents in surrounding areas, and across the island. (Photo: Reuters)

August 3, 2016


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People’s Agrarian Reform: An Alternative to the Capitalist Model by João Pedro Stedile & Osvaldo León

mark jacobs lives!

ALAI AMLAT-en, 02/07/2014.- Since the 1980s, we are living in a new phase of capitalism, marked by the hegemony of finance capitalism and transnational corporations, which have gained control of the production of the principal commodities and world trade, generating structural change in agricultural production.

This control over goods by financial capital that circulates in the  world in proportions five times greater than their equivalent in actual  production (255 billion dollars/year in currency, for 55 billion dollars/year in goods), transforms natural assets – such as land, water,  energy, minerals – into mere commodities under its control. And due to this, there is an enormous concentration of property in land, natural assets and food.

In effect, at the present time, close to one hundred food and agriculture transnationals (such as Cargill, Monsanto, Dreyfus, ADM, Syngenta, Bunge, etc.) control the greater part of world production of fertilizers, agrochemicals, pesticides, agro-industries and…

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How little girls get crushed #blackfeminisms

Feminist Conversations on Caribbean Life

So this man is charged with raping a 12 year-old girl repeatedly over more than six months. The prosecution has conclusive DNA evidence and the girl has some familial connection to the rapist. The story is being carried on radio and the DJ asks, could it be a case where he thought she was older???

Could it be a case where he’s a rapist?

Please show me the man who assumes he’s having a mutually satisfying sexual and dating relationship with a sophisticated 35-year-old librarian only to discover that all along he’s been raping a 12-year-old girl? Hasn’t happened. Doesn’t happen. Won’t happen. Ever.

Rapists who prey on girls do so precisely because they know girls have been made vulnerable and devalued by the collective consciousness where it is more comfortable and plausible to assume that a 12-year-old girl has tricked a grown-ass man than to insist that men…

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