Why I Would Have Shaken A Tambourine

Under the Saltire Flag


On the Eve Of the Battle

Right on the eve of battle, there was dissent. While the Tambourine Army, a band of fierce Jamaican feminists, were getting ready to blow the abeng and stage their Women’s Empowerment March, the British/Jamaican Blogger and activist, Emma Caroline Lewis, took to her keyboard and blogged ‘Why I won’t be Shaking A Tambourine’. Shit got real very quickly. In the contentious Social Media back and forth that ensued, lines were drawn, names were called, people were trolled and people were blocked.

I say that lines were drawn, and they were, and yet it is not easy to make sense of the complexity of sides that people took. Many who read Emma’s blog – many women in fact – felt that she had bravely expressed their own misgivings – misgivings they had either been too afraid to say or had felt without having the…

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An Introduction to Nothing Matters a collection of haikus poems and other writings by DJ afifa


Oneof the poems in the nothing matters collection is called earthseed. A reflection on growth life learning and change.

and then
you get to a place
maybe an age
you realize
that life is also living through change.

I am living through change. I have been brought into a more intimate relationship with life. What has changed my perspective the most is realising that everything is just matter. When matter is given energy it creates or transforms. We are affecting matter everyday to create reality.

In a way nothing matters because everything is matter.

I have been writing down my thoughts for a while now and I have been wanting to put them together in a collection. I was finally able to do it. I selected from my jottings over the last three years and named the collection after a poem I wrote called nothing matters. I wrote…

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Exxon 1.4 billion settlement against Venezuela overturned by International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes

mark jacobs lives!

study this dispute and you will know why exxon is drilling for oil in Guyana. the original ruling was based on a ‘dispute’ between Exxon and the Bolivar republic over 1.5 billion barrels of heavy crude at operadora cerro negro, orinocco delta. this is circa 2007 when hugo chavez decided to nationalise his counttys resources. exxon ‘won’ 1.4 billion but was actually asking for 10 billion

Two major ExxonMobil-controlled projects were impacted in Venezuela’s Cerro Negro and La Ceiba, with the government compensating the company by paying the book value of its assets. ExxonMobil protested, arguing the government should have compensated the company for the market value of its assets, which was estimated to be significantlyhigher.
Of the 22 companies with nationalized assets only two opted for legal action against Venezuela – ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil 

Caracas, March 10 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan authorities welcomed the revocation of…

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