Counting Down to Earth Day 2016 in Jamaica (And Go Plant a Tree!)

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How is our Mother Earth doing, as Earth Day appears on the horizon once more? How is Jamaica doing?

I would say our amazing planet – including our beautiful island – may be heading for the Emergency Room, before too long.  Earth Day is Friday, April 22, and there is so much to write about it is almost overwhelming.

Trees for the Earth. Trees for the Earth.

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is Trees for the Earth. This one is dear to my heart. We do know that trees help us to combat climate change, absorbing and storing carbon – including the mangroves that are so precious and important to our vulnerable island in so many ways. Trees clean and filter the air by absorbing the pollutants we breathe in. And almost everywhere, trees provide shade, food, energy and income. I wrote an article on agroforestry a few months ago. I would…

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toward a worldwide culture of love- by bell hooks

this is a must-read/share.

<The greatest ills on the planet—war, poverty, economic injustice, ecological degradation—all stem from our inability to trust one another, honor differences, engage in respectful dialogue, and reach mutual understanding. If we accept that love is a combination of care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect, and trust, we can then be guided by this understanding. We can use these skillful means as a map in our daily life to determine right action. When we commit to love in our daily life, habits are shattered. We are necessarily working to end domination. Because we no longer are playing by the safe rules of the status quo, rules that if we obey guarantee us a specific outcome, love moves us to a new ground of being.

Finding ways to express true love required vigilance, patience, a will to let go, and the creative use of the imagination to invent new ways of relating. Thich Nhat Hanh had told me to see the practice of love in this tumultuous relationship as spiritual practice, to find in the mind of love a way to understanding, forgiveness, and peace. Of course this was all work. Just as cultivating a garden requires turning over the ground, pulling weeds, planting, and watering, doing the work of love is all about taking action.>

Toward a Worldwide Culture of Love

April3,2016. Reflections on de Jubilee of Ministerial (Dis)Appointments


“Observers have said that Harmon’s powers rival or exceed those of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and that the appointment of Tiwari to the apparent ignorance of other ministers in government is evidence of this.
Harmon is said to have a close relationship with President Granger stretching back to their days in the Guyana Defence Force.” – Stabroek News, April 1, 2016.
I’m a cynic. Especially when it comes to people and power and institutions and oppression and doing stupid irreversible things. This is the sort of thing Stabroek New’s April 3 Editorial addresses about the fact that politicians not only live in another dimension than the rest of us but that they sometimes see themselves as being in “power” and not “in office.” SN notes the end result of this psychology as…
arrogance as well as contempt for the electorate that has always been so prevalent in this country…

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teaching love

Hanan Al Hroub’s ‘Global Teacher award’ is a victory for all Palestinian educators over Israeli occupation and PA corruption