leave it in the ground, guyana

this is how gold has got guyana. now they’ve found oil. minister of finance and co orgasming about “high end sustainable development” and green economy..
too late



STFU Raphael Trotman

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA <It will be highly unlikely for USA oil giant, ExxonMobil to manipulate its books to rob the nation of what is due to it, without being detected. In fact, Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman is confident that the Government and its relevant agencies will be able to keep this multi-billion dollar and multinational company in check.>

EXXON V Guyana2


politrickians bai! they’re good for laffs, if NOTHING ELSE

seriously tho- as much as i like a good david v goliath story, and believe in the power of good over evil etc etc- one of the things i absolutely loathe is politrickians spouting bullshit and trying to bamboozle the populace. how is a country which has abundant land and mineral resources but which has languished as the 2nd poorest country in the Western hemisphere for decades and which is consistently in the bottom tier of worldwide rankings of corruption and transparency- how is our dear Guyana all of a suddenly now going to be able to resist the evils that Exxon is bringing? and please don’t fucking tell me anything about legislation and policies. unless you want to hear a big kyah kyah kyah from me. this is how poor black and brown citizens of the world’s superpower are treated by EVIL Exxon- https://theintercept.com/2017/08/13/exxon-mobil-is-still-pumping-toxins-into-black-community-in-texas-17-years-after-civil-rights-complaint/. and that is only one story. numerous examples abound about how Exxon (and oil companies in general) have fukked over people and countries around the globe for decades, and gotten away with it.

the fact of the matter is that Exxon is EVIL, “sustained high end development” is not going to save us or planet Earth, and any/all who tie bundle w Exxon are either idiots and/or opportunists trying to get as many crumbs into their pieholes and pockets as possible before the apocalypse. No $250USD “executive”  workshops about the ‘green eCONomy’, no seminars about corporate social responsibility- none of that bullshit is going to save Guyana from the apocalypse of pollution, death, and destruction that’s guaranteed when Exxon starts drilling that black gold out of the Atlantic.

sure, one one people might get a wuk, some big bais gon get fatter pockets, i’m sure there will be more prados on the streets and pradovilles built, but you cannot fucking eat, drink, breathe, or grow anything from oil, and guess what fuckturds eCONomists who try to lecture me about “rational decision making” and limited resources when wearing fucking suits in a tropical climate- there is still ONLY ONE HABITABLE PLANET. so when you damage/destroy/contaminate the waterways, airways, and land- where are your (great) grandchildren going to relocate to, huh? what are they going to eat, drink, and breathe?

so STFU idiotic minister of natural resources! stop trying to bamboozle Guyanese people. and Guyanese- for the love of yourselves and country- try to look beyond your belly and bank account and into a few generations ahead. i know life pon di dam not easy. i know in this upside down world money still run things, but IT WASN’T ALWAYS LIKE THIS and IT DOESN’T HAVE TO ALWAYS BE LIKE THIS.

vision with me. first and foremost- stop buying into the bullshit of politrickians. they are people just like you and me- they eat, sleep, shit, and breathe just the same. they don’t have any superpowers; in fact- the power they have is power that comes from me and you! don’t be fooled by their misleadership. second- take some deep, soul cleansing breaths of fresh, unpolluted air. then try holding those breaths and see how long you can survive. when you regain consciousness, never forget this lesson, no matter how much money or shiny things they dangle before you. third- reconnect with the land. take off your shoes and dig your toes into the dirt. run your fingers through the soil like you’d run it through your beloved’s hair. plant something and see how it grows, what it needs to survive and thrive, how it and you fit in the web of life. fourth- look up at the sky and stars every day. remember that there is only one planet Earth and if you fuck it up, it’s apocalypse now for you and your loved ones. fifth- resolve to fight with all your might against EVIL Exxon and all the forces that are working to destroy life on Earth- including all the politrickians, academics, businesspeople, lawyers, etc who tie bundle with them.

#resistanceisnotfutile #resistanceistheonlyoption


green economy 101

No, I don’t want to come inside your AC room. I’m fine outside here without any walls around me, a tree at my back, the sky and clouds over head, nice breeze. Do you want a seedling? You selling them? No, they free. Ok then. She takes three for her yard. Security guard at gate- a big woman, working the usual 12hr shift for a pittance. Note to self- come back w salt bag; there’re lots of lovely cow pies on campus- i filled up my bucket with manure minutes after arriving. Speaking of shit- a bunch of economists hector me; economics is about making rational decisions, one says, dealing with finite resources, a necessary something. One of them is wearing a dark suit. He swelters in the tropical sun. He is one of the ones in charge. I laugh. Rational decision making my bamzee! She’s just throwing shit at the fan, another says dismissively. Well there’s definitely a lot of shit around here to shie, that’s for sure. I smile winningly. This time- unlike the last time I engaged in shit talking w a big man- we don’t end up in court ;). He stays outside and gyaffs with me for over an hour, after all the others have drifted back inside. What kind of academic training do I have? What work do I do? What’s my vision of the world? It’s always entertaining, the expressions on people’s faces at this point. Wage slavery, environmental justice, intersectionality- it’s like speaking a different language to some folks. He stares, says something about enigmas and puzzles. He left Guyana in 1976, didn’t come back til 2010. This trip tho, has been something else. Has made me reevaluate how I was doing everything. I couldn’t live here tho, he says. Yes, it’s not easy, I agree. But you can live in the States? That’s madness too. Silence. Of course there are those who ignore, like they’re used to, like the plague, those who walk past then turn back and snap a quick pic, those who aren’t sure what’s going on and don’t care enough to find out. Mr Griffith in his big tinted SUV, for one, being driven like Ms. Daisy. Of course I hear from the CI Guyana stalwarts- they aren’t co-sponsoring w Exxon, they just gave scholarships to students. They don’t seem to mind how things appear. Mr organizer is pleased that Exxon responded to him and is participating; he bemoans the “blackout” other agencies have given his workshop. The $250 fee is no big thing, several of them say. I get asked again to come inside and participate. I am participating, I say, in my way. Inside, they’re still talking about sustainable development and handing out plastic water bottles. When the coconut water man is right outside the gate, cutlass at the ready.. $250USD to interact w them about rational decision making and the green economy. UH HUH. I stay outside for two and a half hours, talking with whoever talks to me. I’m not anti-dialogue, and, maybe surprising to some- I can engage without ‘busing. I had cussed up a storm when I first saw the flyer for the event; my friends who saw that rant are surprised no doubt, that there were no expletives on my placard today. My initial burst of anger has given way to sadness at this point tho- some of these people are the same ones who were running behind Jagdeo and the LCDS. They’re supposed to be the big brain intellectuals but they continue to be misled, sadly, and tragically, continue to mislead others. Then GPHell blackout hits, like clockwork, and is confusion. They scramble to open the windows. We can see each other clearly now. What does it mean, your sign? Just reminders I say. Just some reminders. As you make your rational decisions and conversate/partner w evil Exxon.. #only1Earthhabitableplanet

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fanon on cognitive dissonance


bengali harlem

migration, assimilation, race, class, culture.. fascinating stuff


<I think that in some ways South Asian men or Bengali Muslim men who “disappeared” into Harlem of the Lower East Side were taking advantage of the ignorance of white New Yorkers and the authorities in terms of those authorities’ ability or willingness to distinguish between different communities of color. Blending in or integrating into these communities was a necessity of survival for these men as undocumented immigrants. People in the African American community passed as South Asian in order to navigate Jim Crow, and there are records that suggest South Asian men were purchasing documents to take on Puerto Rican identities and names.>