changing hearts, minds, and systems

i went to a talk the other day by an allegedly distinguished anthropologist and researcher. one of the things she said which i more than slightly disagreed with was that individual change, while important, was less than structural change. while i acknowledge the real differences between  individual behavior change and systemic reformation, it’s still a fact that systems are made up of individuals, and that one individual can make massive changes- both good and bad- in all kind of ways.

one example which comes to mind is Guyana’s abortion laws. Radical for allowing termination of pregnancy for any reason and not requiring parental or spousal permission, on paper Guyana seemed like a shining beacon of women’s sexual and reproductive heath rights in the Latin American and Caribbean region. However, because key, powerful individuals remained judgmental, disapproving, and more committed to oppressive religious ideology than women’s sexual and reproductive rights, they were able to stymie full and proper implementation of this progressive abortion policy for two whole decades- leaving Guyanese women (especially those less economically advantaged) at the mercy of bottomhouse butchers and other opportunists.

in another scenario- one bigoted trans/homophobic magistrate was able to deny access to justice for all transgender Guyanese by ordering the police at the Georgetown Magistrate Court to block “crossdressers” (really just biological males wearing “traditional women’s attire” ie skirts or dresses) from entering the courthouse gates. yes, there are larger systemic changes that are needed, but in order for that to happen, oppressed individuals need to find the strength to stand up and demand their rights and lawyers willing to fight the legal battles need to show up. so, once again, we come back to the lowly but essential individual.

eye contact with another, a shared smile, conversation, hug- this is the glue of human society and well being. without it we are sick, fractured, and soul-less. and so, while we picketed yesterday, today we shared out free hugs and handshakes. there’s only one Earth; we are in it together and must learn how to live and love together.

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does moses nagamootoo read the newspapers? bk tiwari appointment was not temporary

mark jacobs lives!

like our dear prime minister doing much newspaper reading these days?
if he does what explains the following statement to demerara waves?

The Prime Minister surmised that Harmon might have appointed Tiwari temporarily during their overseas visit because that might have been a requirement. “I need to find out if this was for a convenience. I understand a delegation had gone overseas and obviously it could have been a one-off delegation appointment to give the person some status in going to some negotiation or some sort so we need to wait and find out what were the actual circumstances that had required this person to have an appointment,” he said.

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first in class


she came first in her class this term with 89%

mbeki in yellow

sometimes she goes to school without lunch because there is not enough money. and that’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what this girl child has survived..

yellow flowers

we picked these flowers up from the ground. aren’t they beautiful?


Mar21,2016. Reflections on Mayor Granger, and de Voters’ Liberation Movement against de Mahipaul Complex


“Some people want to ride off into the sunset by themselves well leh them guh!… When they come to you… ask them… who will support you? where’s the structure? where the institution? can you speak to the minister of communities if I want a house? can you speak to the minister of public infrastructure if I want to fix my roads? If… ‘no,’ then me nah vote fuh you. I’m voting for people who are well-connected…”

– President David Granger at an APNU AFC local government rally earlier in March.

This was President Granger urging constituents to vote for his party’s candidates because they are “well-connected.” Could this be the President’s freudian slip that favourable treatment will be given to those councillors linked to his party? Reflect and itate on that. 

Local Government Election 2016 is over, and there is one last order of business before the Georgetown council’s work begins…

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APNU AFC must remove pedophile Winston Harding as candidate not just ‘withdraw support’ #guyana

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APNU AFC has withdrawn support for the pedophiles. not enough. he must be removed as a candidate all together.
if they cant replace him with another candidate at this hour that is not our problem. volda lawrence and others in that district from APNU AFC who placed him on that list knew of his dangerous past. so we should not feel guilty if APNU AFC has to abandon this slot all together.

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Israeli occupation of Guyana started under PPP & Jagdeo continues with Granger

mark jacobs lives!

one of the most shameful things Jagan & his PPP did in the name of Guyanese
and the list of shameless things is endless
but for me one of the most is they established a Guyana consulate in occupied jerusalem
and this from the PPP that masquerades as some vanguard, working class, so-called communist quasi socialist party.

HONORARY CONSUL Mr. Shoshany Meraiot
ADDRESS Jerusalem 91400
POSTAL PO Box 40052
PHONE LOCAL: (09) 894.1853
INTERNATIONAL: +972.9.894.1853
FAX LOCAL: (03) 546.6408
INTERNATIONAL: +972.3.546.6408

now i’ve tried, in the name of freedom of information, to establish the status of this shameful deed to no avail under our new government

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