Watch their faces. Say their names. Remember their stories. DO MORE to end gender-based violence.

This is not a comprehensive list. Many- children and adults- have been maimed, physically and emotionally. Many are still suffering in silence.


Bibi Keneiz, 60 years old. Mother of 3. Raped and stabbed 11 times about her body. Mentally disabled.


Indrawattie Somwar, known as Sharda. 49 years old, mother of 2. Chopped to death by her husband who was consuming alcohol throughout the day. Upon returning home he requested some food  which he subsequently hit out of her hands. As a result she told him about his behaviour and requested that he leave the house but he became angry and went into the kitchen where he allegedly armed himself with a cutlass and dealt her two chops to her head.

Bagwantie Persaud, called Kamini. 50 years old. Chopped to death by her husband. Despite frequent reports made to the police about the abuse, nothing was done.
Bibi Zabeeda Khan, 41 years old, mother of 3. Stabbed to the neck and waist by her husband. She was also beaten in the head and strangled. The woman’s battered body was discovered in a trench.
Simone Hackett, 23 years old, mother of 1. She was stabbed at least twice to her back and neck by her child’s father. Her body was discovered in a trench with the throat slit.
Candacy Pitt, 31 years old. Chopped to death by her husband who didn’t want her to work. “She ran and he chopped her and then kick her over and chopped her more and then chop her across her neck and walk out.”
Glenda McCurdy, 19 years old. McCurdy who had ended the relationship some time ago was walking home with her mother. They were confronted by Alexander who, after making accusations, whipped out a firearm from his pants’ waist and shot McCurdy in the chest.
Hafeeza Rohomon, 28 years old, mother of 4. Killed by her husband. “He used to beat she bad and they always used to have problems.”
Vanessa Sookram, 34 years old, mother of 2. Sookram was chopped to her neck which was almost severed while her toddler son, Joel, was chopped to his abdomen, which left him virtually gutted. Her husband also chopped his mother’s hand.
Leolyn Sullivan, 34 years old, mother of 3. Leolyn was reported stabbed 31 times by her partner. The dead woman’s 18 year old daughter is hospitalized with stab wounds to her neck which she sustained when she tried to intervene as the man repeatedly stabbed her mother. Another daughter reportedly ran away after witnessing the incident. She had to be treated for severe trauma.
Latchmin Shivpuran, called Radhika. 49 years old, mother of 2. The woman was found lying in a pool of blood; her ex-partner was held.
Serojanie “Golin” Ramkarran, 71 years old, mother of several. She was found leaning against a window in the lower flat where she had locked herself to escape the beatings. The neighbours, as well as relatives, said they went many times to speak to the man about his abusive behaviour but he would not listen. “He would tell us this is his place and he can do what he want.”
Yansen Tamika Brusche, 38 years old, mother of 4. Stabbed by her former partner.
Rajwantie Baldeo, 49 years old, mother of 2. Baldeo was beaten prior to her death since her entire face was “black and blue.” Due to the blows, she fell unconscious and she was stabbed several times about her body. Her neck was almost severed by her husband.
Yonette Prince, 23 years old, mother of 1. She was stabbed multiple times by her ex-partner who she had separated from several months ago. Up to the time of her death a restraining order from the court had still been in effect.