things to tell your father on his birthday- or any day

I remember when I first saw the hairs on your arm turning white; the sudden shocking awareness of your mortality registering for the first time.

I remember a younger you on a rampage, I forget now the reason why. But raging beast you were- shouting and raining blows. Mommy shrieking and trying to deflect your hands from our children bodies.

I remember the water barrel trestle collapsing just after I’d seen you standing underneath filling up the buckets. Daddy! Daddy! The possibility of you hurt more than I could bear. Such relief when I saw that you were safe.

I remember you driving us to school every day, back when the road only had a few cars, and always picking up people along the way. You were working for Burnham then- an Indian man in the public service, recipient of a government scholarship to study overseas. I still don’t know exactly what compromises you might have had to make.. I ask but you don’t answer.

Later, in a colder place, you walked miles in the snowy night to your security guard work, after a full day shift at the bakery- the only jobs you could find, MBA from the white man university nonwithstanding. I never heard you complain about the change in your status, though I can’t imagine it not having an impact. But provide for your family you did. Even now- you try to give me money every time I visit and I have to holler at you and hide it back before I leave.

A mentally disturbed and absent mother resulted in you not speaking until you were four, and even now, you remain a man of few words. But you can say I love you now; mom no longer has to be in the background prompting you. I finally have understanding of things, you said wistfully to me last year. Wistful because your most faithful listeners now are the four legged grands I left behind for you to mind; they remain close and attentive while the humans squabble and wander away. I love and forgive you, dad. Thank you for everything. I’m here anytime you want to talk; there’s so much more to say. I hope we get many more years.



afro Guyanese will teach apnu afc a dear lesson

mark jacobs lives!

afro guyanese are responsible for attacking directly & indirectly
then bringing down the pnc govt [burnham & hoyte aka desmond persaud]
not cheddi jagan and his faux commie accolytes
the 1992 electoral victory by cheddar & co. was made possible after a long battle waged by afros against the pnc
cheddar waltzed in and collected the spoils
and it is this same grouping that will cost the current govt dearly if current trends hold and they decide to experiment with free & fair elections come 2020

disrespect, contempt & neglect are reoccurring themes

the negroe scramble to accumulate cash and toys is still a national sport
at levels of odious that only keep rising

jagdeo the current misleader of the straight hair negroe brigade awaits his third term as we meander & stumble closer to guyana race games 2020

every which way you turn it
it’s staring right back at…

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breakfast of champions

the mango only had a little bird bite on the bottom; i just cut around it.

the guava tree has some disease that’s turning the skin of the fruit brown, but the inside and taste is still good. i spraying with neem and have seen some improvement so am hopeful.

the pumpkin for the pone was harvested just before the yard flooded last month. the coconut also came from a tree in the backyard.

the cocoa for the hot chocolate is from Hosororo in the NorthWest, made by the Blue Flame Indigenous Women’s Group. i spiced it up with some dried tiger teeth pepper flakes.

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