uncharitable thoughts/ GT maths lesson

saw bout half dozen shabbily dressed old people clustering around the doorway of a popular GT restaurant yesterday. turns out they were there for their weekly handout from the big businessman. $40 each, every Friday. being generous and counting the whole 52 weeks, i calculate comes to a whopping $2080- ie $10.40USD. $10 fucking dollars per person per year. when you’re making millions annually in profit- not that i’ve seen your account books but this i KNOW because you/your family has had this business in this same location for decades. you own the building, don’t hafta pay rent. i’m sure you give in other ways- well at least i hope so. i know they also say that beggars mustn’t/can’t be choosers, but still, damn..

Pension is now $18,200GYD ($91 USD/mo) btw

Public assistance is now $7300 GYD/mo- that’s $36.60USD. This is supposed to be for people with disabilities, dependent children without parent(s)  etc.


so much more to say

the little boy with the bandaged eye  who i saw sitting on Regent St yesterday with a box asking for donations so he could have eye surgery to save his sight.

all the other people, including a friend of mine who was just diagnosed with breast cancer, who have to worry about if, where and when they’re going to get the money to pay for care and treatment…

meanwhile jagdeo, hammie n all the rest o dem rolling in d million$$- fuckers

this is Guyana 2017




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