Nov13,2016. Itating Mabaruma Anxiety and de 2016 UNICEF report on Guyana


This is part one of a series of blog posts on Mabaruma from my ten day trip to the Region One township from October 17 to October 27.

‘Keep an open mind, Derwayne!’ I kept reminding myself for some reason.

I got to Ogle airport at 3:30 that morning. Two hours before my check-in time. For the most part, the security guard kept my company at the airport’s Trans Guyana section.

15055618_10154069877722849_279922150569464024_n The small aircraft I flew in to Mabaruma. In this photo, the plane awaited passengers at the Broomes Air Strip, Mabaruma. 

This was a morning of firsts. My first domestic flight in Guyana; my first time to Mabaruma or Region One in the whole; and my first time flying over the capital city and the monument to corruption called the Marriott Hotel.

It was about an hour’s flight time to Mabaruma. My anxiety kicked into full gear as…

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