consultation with a mango tree

What might change if we consulted trees..”- bayo akomolafe


Stop trying to control everything

Stop overthinking everything

Just do what you do best, what is encoded in your DNA


Do not bother about if your fruit is wasting; it’s not

birds, bats, butterflies, yarrowies, worms, humans, and other creatures whose names and shapes you don’t know are being nourished by your bounty

and even if some just lie there and rot, so be it


You cannot control everything

The sooner you realize this, the greater your peace will be.

Sometimes the sun will strike you hot hot for days and weeks and maybe even months

You will become parched

Many of your leaves will droop and fall

But if the soil is good and your roots are deep, all you have to do is hold on

Hold on

Hold on with all your might


The rains will come

Threats will also come- chops at your trunk, body blows, or suffocation from above


They need you as much as you need them, maybe more

And any damage to you is twice inflicted upon them, even if they are unaware

Everything is connected.

You cannot control everything

They cannot control everything

The end is not the end. Dimensions and realities and reincarnations abound


Just do what is encoded in your DNA

You might inspire an ode or two, fill some bellies

Something of you will endure- maybe just a tasty memory, or maybe a seedling or two

kindling for a fire, a perch for passersby, a home for woodants

Or maybe just a painting against the sky

As you stand, rooted in dirt

Enjoy the warmth of the sun and the rain baths


dead tree, sky
dead but still beautiful mango tree. birds still perch and nest there

“All that you touch
You Change.

All that you Change
Changes you.

The only lasting truth
is Change.”
― Octavia E. Butler

frida kahlo


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