Mar21,2016. Reflections on Mayor Granger, and de Voters’ Liberation Movement against de Mahipaul Complex


“Some people want to ride off into the sunset by themselves well leh them guh!… When they come to you… ask them… who will support you? where’s the structure? where the institution? can you speak to the minister of communities if I want a house? can you speak to the minister of public infrastructure if I want to fix my roads? If… ‘no,’ then me nah vote fuh you. I’m voting for people who are well-connected…”

– President David Granger at an APNU AFC local government rally earlier in March.

This was President Granger urging constituents to vote for his party’s candidates because they are “well-connected.” Could this be the President’s freudian slip that favourable treatment will be given to those councillors linked to his party? Reflect and itate on that. 

Local Government Election 2016 is over, and there is one last order of business before the Georgetown council’s work begins…

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