Israeli occupation of Guyana started under PPP & Jagdeo continues with Granger

mark jacobs lives!

one of the most shameful things Jagan & his PPP did in the name of Guyanese
and the list of shameless things is endless
but for me one of the most is they established a Guyana consulate in occupied jerusalem
and this from the PPP that masquerades as some vanguard, working class, so-called communist quasi socialist party.

HONORARY CONSUL Mr. Shoshany Meraiot
ADDRESS Jerusalem 91400
POSTAL PO Box 40052
PHONE LOCAL: (09) 894.1853
INTERNATIONAL: +972.9.894.1853
FAX LOCAL: (03) 546.6408
INTERNATIONAL: +972.3.546.6408

now i’ve tried, in the name of freedom of information, to establish the status of this shameful deed to no avail under our new government

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