karrau village waters are polluted because gold trumps life in guyana

first the rainforest is burnt down to clear space for the dig. i’ve seen this firsthand. it’s horrific

mark jacobs lives!

contrary to popular mythology mining adds nothing to Guyana society
sure some fools throw up big buildings and fantasy island resorts
other jokers drive fancy cars and pick ups
and whatever other fancy trinkets gold people buy
but trust me gold mining takes more from this country than it will ever add

the record will show gold mining is a negative drag on the lives of our population and a cancer to the environment
stop looking at those gold account numbers in the billions
it will never and i say never be a positive force
and i dont care how much more you keep digging

add up the rapes, murders, choppings, stabbings, the disappeared, the dead rivers, creeks and lakes where NOTHING lives
hold on for a second and think about this
you go into the amazon basin of guyana and there are water ways and creeks and lakes where…

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