Bobby Vieira & Other Negro Hitmen Will Be A Stain On The APNU AFC Govt

politricks. same shit, different day..

mark jacobs lives!

Bobby Vieira & other negro hitmen are well positioned to become a permanent stain on the apnu-afc govt.
Following the May 11 election a slew of negroes from high places low places and all places crawled out from their fill in the blank clad in yellow and green
Bobby Vieira is one such negro
and this is not about vieira but i use him to highlight the issue of these negroes from all places whispering in president granger’s ear
donning special adviser caps
telling minister’s what to do
brininging new and old junior capitalist plunderers of all order into the fold
to make sure they cash in and cash in fast cause most of these negroids are agent provocateurs who are preparing for a one term apnu afc govt
and i mention again that this is not about vieira as some little negroes who have this read to them will…

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