these crazy guyana streets #2

mark jacobs lives!

I’ve seen him before
many times in this same exact spot
he’s lying on an oatmeal crisp cardboard bed today
where is he from? how did he end up here? family? friends? children? what’s his name?
it’s 8am and the sun is rising hot
he sleeps on with pedestrians passing through his bedroom without a bother
dont know what he does at night but he’ll he here for a while
western end of parliament bordered by the sewer infested drain
black short pants
left side tattered slipper and what looks eerily similar to an apnu-afc armband
change is good if you can afford it
the guyana police will wake him and his dorm mates up if there’s parliament and shuffle him on for a time
otherwise he just sleeps
a temporary escape from the madness of it all
rather interesting slash telling in his temporary flight (into sanity?) he…

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