New GPC crime syndicate gets $45+ million drug contracts from APNU AFC govt

this new administration spinning their own rope…

mark jacobs lives!

This crime syndicate has been involved in multi billion dollar fraud against this country for over a decade.
they owe hundreds of millions to the state for not delivering drugs and other financial crimes
they were just listed in the paper and warned by the minister of health

This syndicate is most likely partially owned bt bhareat jagdeo. And there is plenty more. So having said all that, maybe APNU AFC has a rational explanation for this

New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation Inc (New GPC Inc) was among three pharmaceutical companies to which cabinet gave its no objection for the procurement of medical consumables for standard and technical services. This was announced by Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman on Wednesday at this week’s post-Cabinet press briefing held at the Office of the President.
Global Health Services Limited – a contract for $8,072,547; Caribbean Medical supplies – two contracts for $70,483,202 and…

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One thought on “New GPC crime syndicate gets $45+ million drug contracts from APNU AFC govt

  1. Dunno. Looks like we made an equal exchange. The tragedy is that we spent decades searching for this because we thought it would alleviate things in the Country and stop those responsible for engaging in massive corruptions. Now we have found this, and discover that it is doing exactly that which the PPP was doing, and which it was criticizing and condemning the PPP for when it was in opposition.

    I believe that there are people in this Government who deliberately sabotaging it from the inside, to lessen its chances of reelection. I believe that target is Primarily the APNU/PNC, and as has occurred between 1997 and 2011, they seeing these things in broad daylight, and at the last moment will take some torchlight to look for them. But like Corbin was too late, they will be too late.

    The PPP lost Parliament in 2011, but still won anyway. In 2015 the lost both Parliament and the Government, but are still winning. Their sycophants are still receiving rewards from the Government. Their sycophants are and acolytes are still finding cushy well paying jobs they are still not qualified to do, with the current Government. Meanwhile those who are qualified, who were discriminated against and marginalized by the PPP, are being left out in the cold. Tell me again why we supported this coalition.


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