Agriculture month in guyana kicks off with prayer – draw me nearer precious lawd

exorcists apply within asap pls

mark jacobs lives!

You know I’ve been watching these joksters in the political directorate of our agri sector for a number of years.

I’ll keep most of what I really wanna say private but it jus really effin irks me to see central Islamic organization of guyana and folks from central Assemblies of God headlining an agri event.

Farmers in this scuntry have had to endure a whole lotta ignorance the past two decades that we now import black eye from Belize and plantain chips from Costa Rica and not forgetting the latest hit. Coconut water from Vietnam.

If this is the direction they’re headed in, I hope the next item on agri month festivities is demon exorcism. We need to get rid of the jumbies downpressing farmers and the agri sector.

I said it dot com and I thank you.
run tell dat

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