Today in Guyana, bheri ramsarran reveals another fetish


mark jacobs lives!

Whim has never disappointed me
am gonna marry dat girl one of dese days
so off to the ancient county we go @ 6am
newspaper man wishes us well. no black man with string around his neck effigies left by the ppp on the road today. elections over, i think.
girl at berbice river bridge cant tell me when the toll will be reduced
seems confused and disgusted by the question
2200$ i borrowed went into the pocket of the devils
but their day coming too
the devil’s day of reckoning is coming in guyana
reach whim two and a half hours only to find bheristar nowhere around
a big gray haired negro liar with a ponytail named crawford is holding court under the benab
he drive into a lady and claiming rights.

sidebar: worthy enough for a guyana to hinglish entry
this english word lawyer is pronounced lie-ah in…

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