ramadan day 7 reflections

ramadan day 7 reflection: it’s really hard to be patient and creative with children when you’re hungry and thirsty. remember this the next time you see a parent and child(ren) begging on the street corner. i couldn’t focus and packed it in early today at the drop in center. ended up just sitting and gyaffing about god and religion with 8 yr old M. she said god talks to her when she’s sleeping. what does it sound like, i ask her. well, i’m sleeping, so i don’t know! okaaaay… he tells me i can go home though, she continues. she and her sister are at the drop in center, 4 other siblings at the other location in sophia, and 4 other, older ones, at home. yep, that’s 10 children total. she used to run and hug me when i started going to the center; now 9+ months later, i barely get a wave and dry greeting. but at least she’s staying to gyaff today. um, why is god a he? i asked her. you’re saying god is a she?! wide eyes! why not? i wonder who she’ll report this conversation to and if i’ll get in trouble the next time i go back.. she’s wearing a blue and gold dress with prints of ankhs, pyramids and female Egyptian heads on it but she doesn’t know anything about Egypt when I ask her. I pull out the atlas and show her where it is on the map and tell her about mummies. I make a note to bring a national geographic magazine and some printouts for her the next time. if there’s a next time, that is. They’re filling the children heads with so much skunt. R wanders by with a scarf around his neck and gets screamed at. ‘Take that scarf off! You’re a boy!”. I flash back to the lgbt conference I recently attended in suriname and how our facilitator L entertained us with his fun and ever-changing scarf placement/arrangement. There are quite a few children at the drop in center who are gay/lesbian, but that fact just gets ignored, as if that’ll make it go away. I don’t know yet what to do/how to approach it. it’s been one of those days. saw ch cry on the witness stand in court this morning while the police woman who participated in his brutalization smirked. a black man crying and his black woman torturer smirking. a woman who’s out of a job while her pal, constable devin singh continues to “work” in the foolice farce, torturing and brutalizing other Guyanese. while their lawyers bemoan the besmirching of their name and their loss of wages. Fucking lawyers. The one representing the woman constable had shaken my hand a couple of weeks ago and told me congratulations on bheri-gate. today he passed me straight while I stand with ch and his mom. Fucking hypocrites. I got some more tequila today tho (and some dark chocolate ), and I got to see one of mamasita’s pups. A luta continua.


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