Did “Boom Bye Bye” Ever Go Away? A Gleaner Article, and a Response from “It”

people who call other people ‘its’ are shits

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I am re-publishing below an article from the “Jamaica Gleaner,” and a response to it from one of the “things” referred to in this article.

Yes, “things.” This is how the writer, Mel Cooke, refers to his fellow Jamaicans, whom he happens to self-righteously disapprove of. Clearly he has written this to create a stir – and will include responses to this airing of his personal prejudices in his next column. Wow, that is something to look forward to.

Below this article, I am printing a piece by Afifa Aza, Ph.D., about whom I wrote a profile in an earlier blog post. Both Mel and Afifa are well-educated, intelligent, creative people. Mel Cooke is a published poet and writer; Afifa Aza is a social activist, educator, writer and DJ. And yet, the gulf between them is enormous. But isn’t that Jamaica for you? It’s sometimes a very sad place.


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