Guyana Police vehicle PLL 5650 using sireens to get breakfast

the guyana foolice farce

mark jacobs lives!

come & get it little piglet! donuts on the streets of ferguson missouri wednesday morning at approx. 845 two police vehicles came zooming by sireens blazing clearing the road around providence
early morning emergency requiring two relatively spanking new police vehicles?
straaaaaange i thought since these are the cars normally used by the big jokers. windows up tight, ac blazing et cetera
am merrily driving along enjoying this granger nagamootoo fresh air when i spotted PLL 5660 parked off the side of the road
this couldn’t possibly have been the emergency dey bin mekkin all dat noise about
there was nothing going on but business in a road side food shop and the other car was nowhere in sight
emerging from the shop a big joker smiling with couple plastic bags in his hand
cassava ball sour and pepper, boil channa sour, bake and salt fish plenty pepper, porridge and…

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