Bobby Vieira & the foreign agents behind Guyana’s new president pt 2

coincidence theory UH HUHHHHHHHHHHH

mark jacobs lives!

In episode 1 i touched on bobby vieira & roger khan. Being guyanese, many of us generally tend to let our emotions get in the way of facts and information.
let’s dabble in some reality control, then we’ll look at the photo above.<–!more–>

Bobby Vieira is many things to many people and the owner of Caribbean Cargo. I am not privy to details, but he has been an integral man in the apnu afc election machine, the swearing in, inauguration and clean up campaign.

In april 2004 dea/fbi agents rounded up 13 guyanese in a cocaine importation distribution ring. One of those rounded up was one Okobo Vieira, son of Bobby Vieira. This ring was laundering millions of cocaine proceeds through a bank account of a non-functional business owned by subrina & arnold budhram. Okobo Vieira primary place of business was Caribbean Cargo’s location at JFK airport.

Subrina Budhram is…

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