Street Harassment: Not Just a Cisgender Issue

Let's Queer Things Up!

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Street harassment, and the ways in which women feel unsafe in public spaces, is finally getting some much-deserved attention and dialogue in the mainstream. For example, a video following a woman in New York City for ten hours revealed a disturbing amount of leering, inappropriate comments, and just generally disgusting behavior. Though the video is not without problems, I think the conversation being had is an important one. However, there’s been something consistently missing from those critiques. I believe this and the many other viral street harassment videos and articles I’ve seen are lacking something: namely, the understanding that street harassment is not just a cisgender lady problem.

Somehow we’ve forgotten the burden that trans women in particular carry when they walk down the street – not just from leering men, but from everyone, including law enforcement. Overwhelmingly, trans women carry a burden of…

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