why does Guyana have a consulate in occupied Jerusalem?

why are large swaths of land in Guyana owned/leased by Israelis when many ordinary Guyanese can’t get affordable houselots?

mark jacobs lives!

in the name of justice i wish to see this abomination corrected by the APNU AFC government and minister of foreign affairs carl grenidge

729-boycott israelwhile paying lip service to Palestinian liberation the outgoing PPP govt has always maintained a consulate in occupied Jerusalem and also accredited an israeli ambassador to Guyana [H.E. Amiram Majid by bharrat jagdeo 2010. see him here saying hi to ramotar]

to make matters worst, the PPP govt given out land to a number of israelis in guyana while citizens like myself have been refused and denied in the country of my birth. in other words, the PPP encouraged israeli settlements in guyana.

indo caribbean world bigged up the farm and concept back in 2009

Company Director, Liran Peretz, who is from Israel, recently told the media that “Guyana is the alternative due to availability of water year round”.
Guyana is considered economical and viable due…

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