The Truth about Voting in Guyana

yes, life does not begin or end with the voting process.


Evidence of the vote Evidence of the vote

I woke up to the raised voices of my mother and brother this morning. She wanted him to go vote for someone, anyone. He wanted to go vote for no one. He looked to me for an answer. I knew this day would come and I knew that it would be hardest to tell him the truth.

I have held my tongue for months waiting for the campaign period to buy and sell souls; waiting for Guyanese young and old to make their decisions without further interference. And now that the day has finally come and now that my brother looks me in the eye waiting for an answer, I must give one.

After a deep breath I tell him this: “Look boss, must learn to avoid confrontation sometimes. Where’s the point in fighting with her about not voting? And where’s the point in not voting?…

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