the feeble guyana press corps allow people like bherri ramsarran to ‘thrive’

mark jacobs lives!

first & foremost
i am not a journalist nor do i aspire to be
what passes for journalism in Guyana leaves a whole lot to be desired. there are things happening in this scuntry right under the nose of so-called journalists that never sees the light of day. some they cover up [i’ll get to that], a lot they ignore and plenty they are too blind to even see. rape, murder, corruption, sexual violence, hit and run, spousal abuse, robbery. you name it there are journalists in guyana full of information of illegal activities who grin and shuffle along the streets of paradise.
excuses can be made, but they don’t even leak information. if you want to say they’re protecting themselves.

let’s deal with the blindness
in what could probably be the most important legal case in guyana and probably caricom’s history, no journalist were present. am talking about christopher…

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