dear brother #joker

Dear brother,

Who taught you to hate so blindly? Why do you allow yourself to be brainwashed so easily? What, besides a sense of ethnic superiority, do you stand to gain from a continuation of the status quo? Don’t you think that after 2+ decades, it’s time for a change? And why oh why, can’t we talk politics in 2015 without Burnham’s jumbie still getting raised? Lastly, if you’re truly convinced that things are so great in Guyana under the PPP, why haven’t you and your family moved ‘back home’ to GT to live years ago?

I know you aren’t stupid but I don’t understand this ignorant allegiance of yours, how you can so readily suspend your critical thinking ability. You don’t even have anything to gain; you aren’t doing any business or getting any government kickbacks (at least not that I know about). I know that kinship is important to you, but the fact is that plenty of your ‘mati’ are punishing under this government; reality remains real, whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

So why are you still falling for this nonsensical race-based, partisan politricks? I can understand the antipathy of those who suffered directly under the pnc, but that’s not us. It seems like you’ve conveniently forgotten the fact that our father had a good good government job under Burnham. True, I don’t know exactly what compromises he might have had to make or the stressors of the adults at that time but I know that we had a privileged and sheltered childhood, that we never punished or wanted for anything. I know there were abuses and that others did indeed suffer. But there is abuse and sufferation now as well- if anything, more than then, truth be told.

I agree there’s a venality to politrickians the world over. That is why we must be as committed to accountability in the long term as to voting on election day. Protesters get shot, he says. Yes, I know. He tells me he believes that the opposition could have killed Courtney in order to stir “their” people up. When there is irrefutable proof of links between the PPP and druglords/gang leaders/murderous criminals like Roger Khan. The same blood flows in our veins but he’s as alien to me as ET. He tells me that he’s going to fly in to vote. When are you moving the wife and kids back here to live? I counter. Oh, I haven’t decided yet, he says lamely. Thanks for the laffs, bro. #joker


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