today in Guyana undercover Police farces searched me for drugs & guns


mark jacobs lives!

noticed two guyana foolice officers on bikes going east on paradise public road approaching melanie damishana. they are communicating with a parked gold four door pick up truck dark tinted PNN 8762
well let me take that back. the two jokers on bikes have on bullet proof vests that say police, i have no idea if they are or not. as we know men dressed in Guyana police uniforms have been hijacking, murdering and killing Guyanese reguarly

Bandits in police uniforms at roadblocks…Bogus cops would confuse even real police – official
March 21, 2015 | By KNews |
Police appear to have no plan in place to catch bandits who dress as cops to rob travelers at bogus roadblocks, and one official acknowledged that even real policemen would be unable to tell the real from the fake at night.
The official gave this response after bandits dressed as policemen made…

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