security companies in guyana are super exploiters of women

minimum wage- another law looking good on the books of guyana. implementation is another sad story…

mark jacobs lives!

the watchman industry in guyana is booming but the name is a misnomer. it’s time we start calling it the watch woman industry
24/7 battalions of women across guyana shuffle off to go watch/protect other people’s wealth and they are super exploited on many levels
the PPP campaign commercials on the tele are all titled guyana blooms!
as we bloom into higher levels of inequality & lawessness, you need batallions of watch women to protect those caskets of ill gotten lucre from the never will haves. but the thing is, these watch women are noting more than bodies in the way. many are old, most are mothers, plenty are unfit and physically unfit to be in the security services. if they’re lucky, sometimes they give them a stick and a torch light. if they’re double lucky they’ll have a hut just behind the gate and bunker down for whatever come…

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