don’t beat your children

so, doing what i shouldn’t (as usual) and walking alone on the seawall after dark. the tide had been high and the waves crashing, leaving the stone wet. at the sherrif st traffic light, i passed a young amerindian girl sitting by the steps. it was dark. i walked a few steps past, then stopped and turned back. something didn’t seem right. turns out she had run away from home after she got suspended from school (for fighting with another girl), and her mother had beat her with a belna and threatened to send her to girls’ school (the NOC). lord. a mess. called a bunch of people, finally mother. crying. mother and i talked. they were coming, she said. i said i’d stay with her until they arrived, and i did. we talked. boy. o boy. parents, don’t beat your children. they should not be more scared of you than strangers. ‪#‎guyana2015‬


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