Para-sites cannot be defined

stimulating reasoning


The following is the unedited version of an essay i wrote that appears in PARA- an anthology on art and parasitism edited by Woo Yun Jin


This essay explains how we appropriate the idea of para-and explain a Para-site in the context of our

work with two spaces we have created; the SOUL HQ and Di Institute for Social Leadership. We
find the word Para-site to be a useful one because it is similar in nature to the scientific parasite and
because we operate a site/space that is “outside of” the norm in Jamaica. Firstly we present our general
ideas about the Para-site. Then we describe the two spaces as Para-sites and explain briefly why they
exist, what they do and where they are located. We then make an argument about the definition of
Para-sites, our core argument being that they cannot be defined. The context for this thinking which

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