A day in the life… of a Jamaican lesbian

real ting. uh huh


Tamitsansai-BadgyalJazz The faux-lez mommy and her dog, apparently.

               I had planned to write/publish this post tomorrow, but I’m so appalled that I’ve decided to post it right now. Up until about three hours ago, I’d been having a pretty uneventful day. Woke up at noon, walked my dog, had lunch, then spent the greater part of the afternoon searching for a welcome letter that would allow me to reclaim my old phone number — my phone was stolen two weeks ago. Where is she going with this, you ask? Don’t worry, we’ll get there soon.

Before I get into it, let me just state very clearly that I have no problem with lesbians, homosexual men, or any other kinds of ‘sexuals’ that exist (no offense meant, there are just SO many to cover). I simply live my life and allow people to live theirs in the way that most pleases…

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