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Home » Crime » Hicken warns against women dressing provocatively; 50 rape cases reported for 2014
Hicken warns against women dressing provocatively; 50 rape cases reported for 2014

November 17, 2014 1:41 pm Category: Crime A+ / A-

By Kurt Campbell

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Some 50 females have been brutally raped already for 2014, according to ‘A’ Division Commander, Clifton Hicken, who has cautioned women not to dress in a manner that encourages this illegal act that has claimed the lives of a few victims.

Hicken told reporters this morning, Monday, November 17 that there has been a spiraling increase in rape for this year when compared to last year [2013] where 38 cases were recorded.

Last month alone, 11 persons were raped; representing a 31% increase when compared to the statistics for 2013.

The ‘A’ Division Commander says the issue is now on the “front burner” of issues to be addressed in his division.

He said the police are currently working with the Ministry of Education and Human Services along with other Non – Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to ensure that these cases are not only solved but prevented from happening.

On the note of prevention, the Commander urged women and girls to always dress in a manner that is “morally acceptable.”

“While we try to prevent somebody from committing the offence we must ensure that we do not create an atmosphere for it to happen,” he said; adding that “and that is why we advocate for young females within a certain age group who are vulnerable, between 13 – 18, to always embrace an attire that is accepted morally.”

He said women and girls must ensure they do not dress in any manner that “plays into the agenda” of a rapist.

However, the issue of the way women dress is not a new one and there have been many arguments against it by several experts who share the view that men do not have the right to rape someone just by the way they are dressed.

Only last month, Opposition Leader David Granger expressed alarm at the rising rate of violent crimes in Guyana; observing that data in relation to rape and other deaths are not usually made available.

He criticized the Guyana Police Force (GPF) in this regard. The GPF has been consistent in disseminating monthly reports on serious and other crimes and traffic offenses in the country but have failed to reveal statistics in relation to suicide and rape.

The Opposition Leader believes journalists must also apply pressure on the Force to ensure that such information is fed to the populace.



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