big negroes are the problem. see Blaise & Chantal Compaoré, Barack & Michelle Obama

the big obummer in chief. #learnyourhistory!

mark jacobs lives!

THIS is the problem with negroes and why Black people must always be on a revolutionary footing. ALWAYS. or these big negroes will continue freeing you of your body,mind, soul & natural resources.
revolucion is the answer to 95% of your problems. you know it, the Burkinabe people know it, i know it, they know it and they know we know it.
why come you think they’re always preaching non-violence? and dialogue? and negotiations? and let’s talk it over?
all the while their violence knows no boundaries
even his compromising language is violence

Blaise Compaore murdered Thomas Sankara and mutilated his body on behalf of his masters in Paris. make no mistake about that fact. yet still, he is invited to the white house to wine and dine
in the bossum of freedumb
barack and michelle obama with blaise compaore and wife

“the role of the African child is to overthrow the system and change the dynamic of…

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