Tarantula and Other Creatures Of The Backdam

nobody ever told me there were tarantulas in the backdam. one ended up on my back today. spider! spider! the little boy shouted and pointed, bug eyed in fear. huh? what? i swiped around my back with a hand, ineffectually for several moments. wait, S said, coming towards me. i felt the metal of the cutlass on my body. huh? what..? with a swift move, he dislodged the spider from me and flicked it onto the ground. whoa! what was that?! tarantula, he said unemotionally. what?! tarantula?! yea, they’re around here, he said laconically. i stooped and saw it in the grass underfoot. it was surprisingly beautiful and tame-ish in behavior; we were able to pick it up, move it around, take photos, etc. i can understand why people would want them as pets- they’re beautiful to look at; i could for hours. we saw some other stuff 2

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???????????????????????????????                        ???????????????????????????????



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