things people still don’t want to talk about

about 2 weeks ago, my second column on health and wellness- Break the Taboo Against Abortion Now– was published in Stabroek News. there were *zero* comments on the article online, and the only response i got was this letter- Men’s role in Abortion– from Vidyaratha Kissoon..

meanwhile, this- hospitalised woman denies connection to dead foetus; infanticide charge pending– happened. SIGH. 33 years old. mother of 10 already. now facing charge of infanticide. WHO IS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF HER 10 CHILDREN IF SHE IS JAILED?? ABORTION IS (THEORETICALLY) LEGAL IN GUYANA! WHY WHY WHY THEN IS SHE IN THIS SHIT? NO BIRTH CONTROL/ FAMILY PLANNING. FORCED TO RESORT TO THIS. AND NOW FACING A JAIL SENTENCE. I REPEAT- WHO IS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF HER 10 CHILDREN WHEN THE POLICE LOCK HER UP????



i have had an abortion. two actually. i have had two abortions thus far in my lifetime. it took me a long time before i could talk openly about the subject and not feel ashamed or guilty. i know many other women who have also had abortions, some of whom are willing and able to talk about their experiences and some who can’t, who are still afraid of being judged and stigmatized. these are women of all ages, races, socioeconomic levels, sexual orientations, and educational backgrounds. there are many reasons why women have abortions. women who have abortions need safe and affordable abortion services, not to be stigmatized and judged. the more of us who break our silences, who speak publicly about this issue, who challenge the status quo, who engage the healthcare providers and policymakers- the better for all. every child should be a wanted child and every person should have the right and ability to decide their own destiny. what we need is reproductive justice, economic empowerment, respectful and responsive healthcare, and more love and understanding.



4 thoughts on “things people still don’t want to talk about

  1. Its always so puzzling to me, why the conversation on abortion is still taboo. Whether you are for or against abortion, please realize that the conversations are happening whether you like it or not. Truly my belief is that its a woman’s right to choose. Present the options and let her decide. Whit is it so hard to digest. Do I agree with every decision to abort? No. Do I agree with terminating pregnancies beyond the first trimester unless for a medical reason? No. But I do believe in presenting the options and letting her decide. Why is it so hard to digest for so many? I have no issue conversing with anyone on abortion. I understand most of the arguments put forward on both sides but at the end of the day, its a woman’s right to choose.


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