lovely. neighbor beating his girl chile. thud thud thud. just lovely. i’ll sleep so good tonight. oh, the followup- other neighbor pretending to be the police coming to their rescue. everybody jus cracking up. yea, dis joke ting. now they’re talking about how children disgusting and you gat to beat them. but yuh cyan knock chirren dese days like u used to. now she seh if i knock she, she gon knock me back. #WHERETHEHELLUTHINKSHELEARNDAT?

Is not just the neighbor. No, this hits a lot closer to home. Yea, I was beat growing up. Sure there are certain beatings from my childhood that I remember more vividly than many other things from my childhood. But that was decades ago, I’m over that now. No, I’m talking about beatings that are going on currently. In my family. These are the dirty secrets that people are reluctant to talk about. Raise the topic with the perpetrators and they block with a wall of silence. Do not admit that there’s any problem is the first step in the defense. Freeze off any attempted intervention like how they freeze off warts at the clinic- coldly and clinically. Protect self and ego, nevermind the children.

Is our children and we’ll raise them how we see fit. You don’t have any children so you don’t know anything. Shut up. Thud thud thud. They are unashamed. They are unafraid. They are unapologetic. They are convinced they are doing the right thing. You know they love their children. They are trying to teach them right from wrong. They’re just doing what they’ve been taught. The abused grows up to become the abuser. The cycle repeats.

Over the fence or behind a closed door. Relative or stranger. I can still hear. Whimpering. A woman’s voice, muffled and indistinct. Not your child. Stay out of this. They gotta learn. I’ve been that whimpering child. I’ve also been that ineffectual woman. Every day, we are faced with choices. To act or to remain silent. To look the other way or to act. To walk away or to act. Don’t buse. Mind your own business. Shhhh. Just act normal. Don’t tell. Every day we’re faced with choices.

It’s clear what’s not working. But old habits are hard to break and delusion nicer than reality. And so the human carries on, devolving a bit more every day. Entropy and disorder inevitable.


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