ital is vital! italist4life!

expect to see a fair amount of food porn here. is my blog n i seh suh 😀 also, we are in large part what we eat and when the powers that be are using food to manipulate us and keep us sick, it’s imperative that we resist, learn to grow our own, non-GMO food, make healthier choices, etc. so yea, it’s a bit more than just food porn 😉

’emancipation fry chiken’- this is the shit they’re feeding people
ripe plantain, tomatoes, callaloo stir fry- one of my all time favorite meals. n SO quick and easy to make!
mangoes: the bess dessert! 10 of these babies for $100 (50cents USD :). cry your eyes out foreign friends!
sundrying tomatoes
when I have plenty tomatoes, this is one of my favorite things to do with them. YUM

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